"Cantilever" Enlarging apparatus,
William Hume, Edinburgh, c.1891,

projection and enlarging apparatus using an oil lamp.



Graphoscope, Stereoscopic Company,
stereo viewer, c.1895,

using stereo positives 90 x 180 mm.

Stereo table viewer, c.1900,
using stereo positives size 90 x 180 mm.


Stereo viewer Bruguière model no.1 in cardboard, ca.1910,
using stereo positives 45 x107 mm.

Ernemann plate holder with 3 plates size 9 x 12 cm.


Opaline plates 9 x 12 cm, R.Guilleminot, Paris,
in unopened package.


Plates 9 x 14 cm, L.Gevaert & Cie,
Oude God near Antwerpen,

in unopened package.


Sawyer's View-master model C,bakeliet, 1946-1955.


Lens case with 6 lenses and 2 extension rings.